With natural luster and rustic charm, linens has been accepted since thousands yeas ago when the fabric history just started to develop, and is still one of the best loved fabric now. Many fashionists decorate themselves with linens to lead the stylish trend, and some leaders wear linen apparel to attend important meeting as a respect of traditional culture.

    Since more and more importance has been attached to linens, some rogue merchants begin to sell counterfeit at the price of genuine linens to seek more profit. Good linen product bring us cool and cozy, however, the fake one could not feast our eyes but endanger our health conversely. To protect the interests of our customers, we will show you 7 ways to discern high quality linens from the false ones.


    High quality pure linen fabric is weaved by flax fiber. Clench the fabric first, good linens will be creased, and feels cool.


    Use a magnifier(>10 times) to observe its texture, good linen fabrics will show you bamboo joint and cloud-shaped patterns.


    Get a small piece of waste fabric and light it. During its burning, good linen fabric will give off a smell like paper burning, and the ashes are kind of offwhite. But if it smells bad with black smoke occurring, that must be fake linens.


    Pure linen fabric has a very high tear resistance, and is soft before and after washing. After drying, your linen apparel does not shrink, then it is good linens, because good linens will be pre-shunk in factory so the shrinkage rate will be less than 3 percent.

5.Caustic soda water(NaOH)

    Get a drop of Caustic soda water(NaOH) on the fabric, if it turns tan, then it is genuine linen apparel; if it turns buff, it is cotton.


    Put your fabric in water, take it out a few second later. High quality linens has a good hygroscopicity and permeability. If you see your linen clothing has been wet evenly, and the color is the same as before wetting, it is good linen.

7.Observe the uncut thread ends

    Tear down one end of uncut thread. If both ends of thread are smooth, the fabric is good linen. If both ends are curl and bifurcate, it is cotton.