There is a color that you will never want to miss. It is fresh but soft, sweet but chic, classic but elegant. When you are looking back on the past time, it may make you enjoy the retro and classic time; when we move forward, it comes and goes and never goes far away at all.

It can help us catch up with the fashion trend; it reminds us of the newborn infant, soft and sweet. Those are the charm of baby blue color; it reminds us of our innocent childhood…No matter it is on the cotton, silk, Denim or linen fabric, the baby blue clothes must be very sweet, soft, chic and elegant color. Linen tank dress with baby blue color will definitely emphasize women’s beauty. Moreover, baby blue color is often associated with ice, sea, sky and lake. Thus, it can refresh people in the hot days.
linen tank dress

The finishing touch between linen and baby blue color will definitely give you a cooler and fresher summer. Well known for its coolness and freshness, the linen clothes are very absorbent. Why is the linen fabric so absorb?

Is there any harmful substance? The answer, of course, is “No”. On the contrary, the linen fabric is considered as one of the most natural and healthy fabric in the textile world. The loose linen fiber structure allows the fabric to absorb and relieve the sweat quickly, keeping the wearers skin cool and fresh in the hot days.

What’s more, the linen fiber is featuring in its extraordinary capacity of antic bacteria, ultraviolet proof and static free. The combination of linen fabric and baby blue color will definitely give exceptional coolness and freshness in the hot days.

linen tank dress

Except for the fresh linen fabric and baby blue color, the v collar design, sleeveless and drawstring design of linen dress also contribute to a perfect figure.

The sleeveless dress, also known as dress without sleeve, will highlight the arm line. The sleeveless design can also keep the wearers cool and fresh in those sweat days. Your upper figure will also be improved with the v collar. Not only will the v collar enable women to show off their subtle and silken skin, but also it will elongate the figure line.

Your collarbone will be displayed perfectly, highlighting the boney beauty. Furthermore, the v collar can camouflage the wide shoulders and the chubby face. Drawstring on the waistband allows the wearers to wear as loosely or tightly as they want, defining the waist nicely.