Europe, the origin of ancient western civilization as well as the cradle of modern civilization, was pushed forward by industrial revolution into worldwide Golden Age. Western culture of flax originated from ancient civilizations and was carried forward the whole Europe later, developing in the aspects of European art, fashion, traditions, religions, and life style, along with the development of culture in ancient Greek, Rome, Hebrew Bible, and Renaissance.

Why the flax could be widely applied in so many fields in a long stretches of history? I think one of the most fundamental factors is the academic authorities formed by Euro-politics, economy, culture, as well as religion---Christianity, the main power for the original European unification. Christianity, most imperial rulers in Europe believed in and supported, was got around all European areas, and its culture and custom with God’s will were learned and passed on generation to generation, which greatly advanced the transmission of flax culture. By all means, it is the features of health and values in various aspects that facilitate linen clothing to sweep over European countries and the world.

The linen clothing was widely applied, not an exception of royal families and nobles. Louis XIV once hung a piece of cloth in his living room as a decoration, which was learned by society nobility, and unexpectedly became a fashion trend of that era. On the state banquet in Buckingham Palace, linen table cloth was thought of as valuable as the bling bling silverware and porcelain. Flax culture in a time prevailed through upper classes. Linen knitted clothes, developed with continuously improved and innovated technology, has become a symbol of power and honor, and an in-heritage cultural tradition for main European luxury brands.
No matter how the world runs, the culture of flax will always live in people’s life and custom, becoming a necessity in European culture. As the respect God’s son Jesus to linen textiles, which allows them to be widely accepted with a breath of holy and dignity. Along with the wide flax planting in Europe, ramie textile industry started up and became affordable for more ordinary people. Linen fashion trend is not only show respect to gods, but also a pursuit for better life.