It’s without doubt that pink is one of the most popular colors among girls. It seems to be a symbol of fair lady, elegant princess and fantastic dream. Belonging to warm color, pink does has a magic of making people feel pleasant and comfortable. Nevertheless, there are still some women afraid of wearing pink dress for the reason that they think it’s too lady and will be opposite to their own image. However, in addition to the color, the style is of great importance to choose a proper dress. Therefore, just find some pink dress in your style is OK. Let’s have a look at some linen dresses in pink fashion, i hope it will inspire you.

If you are fed up with round collars, have a try on this V neck linen dress. As temperature rises, putting on a V neck dress to bare the collarbone will be cool as well as sexy. Although it’s a basic style for pink linen dress, go for a pair of lotus leaf sleeves to add some fun. What’s more, this pink is a little dark, not so showy, is also suitable for middle women.

Original Linen Tea-Length Dresses With Lotus Leaf Sleeve;


I think no one will blame on you or look at you strangely when you bare your skin by wearing crop tops, slip dress or off-shoulder shirts. Anyway, if you are not into revealing too much skin of your body but still keep cool in summer, i hope this light pink linen tank dress will help, even with a ankle-length, it won’t looks overstaffed.

Loose-Fitting Linen Women Sleeveless Tank Dresses


Pomelo pink linen dress with lantern sleeves are one of the best sellers among our new arrivals. On the one hand, the pomelo pink is refreshing and presents a new appearance.On the other hand, it’s whole style with round collar, lantern sleeves and circle long hem reminds you of the European traditional dress in 19th century. What a vintage style.

linen dress with lantern sleeves 


It’s widely known that a dress with high-waist helps you to adjust the proportion of your upper body and the lower body. There is a elastic around the waist, since it is not so tight, no need for overweight ladies to worry about the huge hips will be highlighted.Another basic pink linen dress, still with special design on the chest to make it unique and lovely.  

pink linen dress