Linen fabric is widely accepted due to its comparative edges of natural properties, including its permeability, heat absorption, durability. Linen clothing, thus, has become one of the most preferred options, especially in summer. But here comes a problem, how to match? Linen, a different and special fabric, has its unique feeling of fashion and distinctive style. The matching stuff should be in accordance with retro and casual type. Hope following tips of matchinga linen pant will ignite your inspiration.

Color matching

Generally speaking, linen clothing can not be dyed in colorful style due to its natural property锛峯rganized warp and weft cannot hold the color. Hence, the linen pants are usually black, grey, pale, maroon or other darkish hues. For aesthetic visual effect and color harmony,a colorful or a bright top is a desirable choice.


Fabric collocation

Linen pant is a casual style. The matching top can be leisure as well as elegant, so you could choose the top in cotton, silk, chemical fiber, blending, as well as linen. This style is a combination of sooth and flexible collocation.


Versatile top

A versatile top is a must-have that gets rid of dressing matching trouble. A classic joker锛?white linen vest or T-shirt can be a top priority for a dark linen pant, jeans or skirt. White is a very flexible color that can be matched with any light and dark colors.