As is well known, linen clothes are comfortable to wear. The benefits of linen clothing mostly depends on its natural properties which combines good-for-health and comfort. Most people are willing to wear linen clothing especially in summer because of its obvious advantages of good permeability, antistatic.

But the truth is that linen clothes are easy to shrink after washing. Why?

Natural fibers(wool, flax, cotton) have more shrinkage than man-made fibers(polyester, nylon, acrylic).

Loose weaves are more easily to shrink than tighter weaves. How to promote and avoid such problem? Follow my tips:

1.Hand-wash is better. Machine-wash may destroy the structure of warp and weft.

2.Use cold water when washing linen tops or bottom, for the cold water is leass damaging to fabric than hot or warm water.

3.Neutral detergent, eg: liquid detergent. Avoid alkaline detergent, like washing powder.

4.Do not use washer-drier. It’s the main cause for shrinking.

5.Gently wash linen clothing. Scrubbing hard will cause shrinking as well as fluff.