Are your white linen clothing dull and gray looking, maybe yellow? Do they seem dingy? And you want to figure out how to whiten them again? The method varies depending on what causes “yellow”, then you decide a corresponding measure.
What causes yellowing on white linen clothes?
Even if you follow the rules suggested on the label and hang-tag strictly, you found that they can still become yellowed over time. The reasons come from various aspects:

1.Household bleach(sodium hypochlorite) is often used as a laundry booster or whiter. But it is the chemical substances of bleach that makes white linens turn yellow. Moreover, bleach can also destroy the flax fibers so that ruin your linen apparel.

Suggestion: Do not use bleach on linens, or use less as far as possible.
2. Exposed to too much sunlight will also lead to “yellow”.
Suggestion: Dry your linen fabric at cool and ventilate places. Linens are easy to dry, and try to avoid being exposed under strong sunlight for a long time.
3. If you use too much detergent and fabric softener but not rinse well, the high heat of the clothes dryer can "bake" the residue into the fibers and leave them grey or yellow.
Suggestion: Use moderate detergent, and make sure rinse your clothes thoroughly. 3 times should be guaranteed.

4.Linen clothing will be yellowed because of perspiration. Long time adherence on the linens, oxidation may result in yellowing.

Suggestion: Wash your changed sweat-damp linen clothes timely(avoid washing next day). Use a little more detergent on some certain parts of the clothes, like oxter, collar, and back. Soak it approx. 5 minutes, then rinse it cleanly.

More tips for whitening success

  • Aiming for the stubborn stains that are quite difficult to remove, try some special ways. Soak the stained linen clothes in diluted white vinegar. It is mild, not acid solution. A few minutes later, rinse it thoroughly. If stains are still there, repeat this process until the stains disappear.
  • Keep storeroom and wardrobe dry. Damp linens are more easily to get yellowed.
  • Separate yourlinen tops and pants from dark colored to tint ones, so as to avoid becoming yellow or color-crossing.