After a week of busy work, you must be fed up with the intense working environment and ready to get rid of the bound feeling of formal wear. Then comfort will be the top priority to be considered when decide weekend apparel, with aesthetic look must be pretty good.There is always a long hesitation for some people, standing before the mirror and considering which one to dress up, especially at weekends. The most confused is to get changed from one occasion to another, then how to match the outfit become another headache problem. Following is a list of some latest fashion style, and some tips on clothing match. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Graceful style
Clothing match: one-piece dress+ kitten heel
Feature:graceful, decent, charming, intellectual beauty
Occasions:date, shopping mall, park, street snap, dinner
Description:a dress is a combination of upper and lower clothing, free from the puzzle of clothing match. Kitten heel is neither high nor low, adding your glamour as well as being at ease all day long. Wear a delicate makeup and some accessories like sunglasses, handbag, a perfect day is beginning.

Cute looking
Clothing match:dark color/ colored linen top+light color skinny pant+flat shoe
Feature:lovely, youth, stylish, genial, vigor
Occasions:amusement park, walking a dog, travel, coffee shop
Description:the use of a two-tone color can be added to the three-dimensional effect of the eye, you can try more contrast colors if you dare to attempt. This style of color impact matching adds some different elements to make it feel aesthetic as well as cozy. Skinny pant allows you in a slim look, and the simple flat shoe ease your feet.

Natural style
Clothing match:leisure shirt+linen skirts+plimsolls
Feature:natural, simplicity, leisure,
Occasions:countryside, take a picnic, market, dabble, beach
Description: this style is more connected to nature. Both the shirt and the skirt are leisure style, suitable for going outside as well as staying at home. A simple clothing match leaves a genial impression for others. Use different color to show your particular taste, even the most simple one can be also attractive.White linen skirt is simple but particular charming one that can be matched in various type.